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I am very disappointed in 21st Century. I have been a customer for way over 15 yrs and recently we moved into a new house with alot to do.

I called them to update my new address and thought at that time I updated my new debit card that would expire soon. Then less than a month later I get a call saying our policy was canceled.I was shocked.They claim they mailed me a notice and emailed. I never received either! A supervisor I spoke with even said it seemed they has problems with sending me emails according to their records.Also I believe they sent the notice to our old address and the new renters never forwarded it back.

I did put in a change of address. So just because my debit card date expired I was canceled and made to get a new policy costing me more money down and now we are paying double what we were paying for 6 months. They claim we have to pay more because now we had a lapse in coverage and if you don't have continued coverage they charge more for 6 mos. Now we got our new policy and what a surprise (because they never make any mistakes) they have all the old address on the mailing envelope and the new policy!!.

So I had to spend my time calling and telling them this. Now they will have to revise it all and mail out the correct papers. Shame on you 21st Century for not being willing to work with a long time customer and just re instating the old policy. The decision was yours and I know that for a fact because the Idaho Dept of Insurance told me this was up to them.

I have referred so many people to them over the years. No More!! And I may switch now because of this. I have homeowners with another company so I will look into that.

Just shows how much you care about loyalty and customer satisfaction.

No room for mistakes unless they are your mistakes. Never even apologized for sending the new policy info to the wrong address and that I had to take time to call again.

Monetary Loss: $198.

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You are lucky you didn't have an accident while you were uninsured. I suggest you put a reminder on your calendar so you never miss a payment again. The consequences are just too serious.

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